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Register and Join the Largest IDN Gambling Agent HAKIM4D


Registering and joining hakim4d, the biggest and most trusted IDN gambling agent with abundant benefits, is the first step, before bettors play their favorite games on our site.

The registration process on the hakim4d online gambling site is very easy without any fees. Apart from that, players don't need to worry, because if bettors register and join our site, then all of the players' personal data will be protected safely and strictly.

The first step that players need to take when registering on our hakim4d site is to access our site using the alternative link provided. After that, we will present several menus to the players, and choose the registration menu.

After pressing the list menu, bettors will be immediately redirected to the hakim4d site registration form. As for some of the personal data that players need to fill in and fulfill on the hakim4d site, they are:

  • Full name
  • E-mail
  • Phone number
  • usernames
  • Passwords
  • Bank information
  • Account name
  • Account number
  • Referral Code

After the players have successfully filled out the registration form on the hakim4d site correctly and validly, the next step is to press the submit button and wait for verification from the admin. After obtaining official verification, players have the opportunity to freely play hundreds of the best online gambling games on the hakim4d site using only one ID. With only minimal capital on our site, there will be a jackpot of hundreds of millions of rupiah for official members.

The Biggest IDN Gambling Agent Bonuses and Promos hakim4d Abundant Profits

Our biggest hakim4d IDN gambling agent bonuses and promos are abundant to help bettors get a lot of extra income. As one of the most trusted and best sites in Indonesia, hakim4d never misses attractive bonus offers and promos for the fun and loyalty of the players. You can get all kinds of attractive bonuses and promos on the hakim4d site easily. The attractive bonuses and promos on our site are:

1. New Member Bonuses and Promos 20% Generous Profits

The bonus is also the first promo on our site with an abundant profit offer, namely a new member bonus of 20%. Players can get this bonus if they have made a minimum deposit of Rp. 100,000 rupiah without a turn over requirement.

The maximum new member bonus that players can get if they choose online slot server thailand games, online casino, sportsbook and IDN Lives is IDR 500,000. This bonus does not apply to poker games and can only be claimed once.

2. Daily Deposit Bonus and Promo 10% Generous Profits

The next bonuses and promos on the hakim4d site with abundant profit offers are the 10% daily deposit bonus and promo. To get this bonus, players need to make a minimum deposit of IDR 50,000 only.

All bettors on our site are entitled to this bonus with a maximum value of IDR 250,000. This daily deposit bonus can only be claimed once per day, via WhatsApp or the live chat feature on our site.

3. Poker Roll Bonuses and Promos Abundant Profits

Other bonuses and promos on our site with abundant profit values are the Rollover promo bonus of 0.5%. Players can get this bonus if they have made a minimum turnover of 1 million rupiah on our site.

Bonus rolls on the hakim4d site, of course, vary greatly for each game. For Omaha, Super10, Domino and poker games the bonus is 0.5%. Meanwhile, for Capsa Susun and Bandar Ceme, the bonus that you will get is 0.3%.

4. Bonuses and Trusted Gacor Slot Roll Promos

Bonuses and promos that are no less interesting on our site are slot roll promo bonuses whose value will be adjusted based on the player's turnover value within one week.

To get this bonus, players need to make a Turn Over of one million rupiah at several providers. This roll promo bonus only applies to players in live IDN games, online slots and online casinos of 0.8%.

5. Online Slots Sportsbook Cashback Bonuses and Promos

The next bonus and promo with fantastic profit results on our site is the Sportsbook cashback promo bonus. We will give this bonus according to the number of defeats experienced by the player within 1 week.

Players can claim the cashback bonus on Tuesday within 24 hours. For players who experience losses ranging from 100 thousand to 49 million, they will get a cashback bonus of 5%. If more than that, it will get 10%.

Those are some attractive bonuses and promos at the biggest IDN gambling agent hakim4d with abundant profit values. Of course there are lots of bonuses and other promos on our site that we cannot explain one by one.

Therefore, for more details, visit the BOMJITU site and join us so you can get abundant profit values. We will pay all the profits of the bettor without any deductions.